Seamus Collaborates with Nike Veteran on Minimalist Golf Shoe

Seamus Golf has introduced its first golf shoe, the FeelPlayer by Mike Friton. Designed for the walking golfer, the FeelPlayer is a minimalist golf shoe unlike any on the market today. Friton, a design innovator and 30-year veteran of the footwear industry developed the shoe, which is handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.

Modeled after the Native American moccasin, the FeelPlayer features a clean and simple design that is lightweight and flexible. Constructed with ultra soft tumbled leather, the FeelPlayer molds to each individual’s foot for superior fit and comfort. The design follows the natural shape of the foot allowing it to move naturally and fully articulate, resulting in less injury and fatigue.

“Rigid footwear often leads to problems with knees, back and hips because the foot has to unnaturally adapt. Most support features are there to keep your foot on a platform that doesn’t follow your foot’s natural movement,” said Friton. “I build footwear that feels natural and doesn’t inhibit your foot in any way. The FeelPlayer feels great. It’s soft, flexible and allows your foot to do what it wants to do.”

Additional features include a zero drop platform, textured Vibram sole to provide traction without overpowering the foot’s natural movement, seam sealing for water resistance and a breathable lining to promote adequate airflow.

“The FeelPlayer was designed to help you enjoy the game golf without inhibitions,” said Akbar Chisti, president and co-founder of Seamus Golf. “This shoe is significantly lighter and more flexible than traditional golf shoes and makes walking the course truly enjoyable.  “Mike is legendary in his field and working with him to bring this radically different golf shoe to market was an honor.”

Friton who has been an innovator in the footwear industry for over 30 years has won several awards for his innovative designs.  His design experience began at Bowerman Lab, an athletic footwear “think tank” founded by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman. He began working at the lab while running track for the University of Oregon. He later spent 13 years at Nike’s headquarters and was part of the company’s esteemed Innovation Kitchen where he patented over 20 industry-changing patents. One of the most recent innovations he worked on was Nike’s Back to the Future shoe featuring self-tying laces.